Our Impact



We believe in a private sector solution to the challenge of poverty. All of our investments are made to deliver risk-adjusted returns to investors and create wealth and employment in the countries in which we invest.

In addition, we work with our investee companies to ensure they meet global Environmental, Social and Governance standards. They must also subscribe to our anti-bribery and anti-money laundering policy.

Please review our case studies to learn more about the impact of our work.

Sierra Fishing Company:
Empowering Women Across Sierra Leone

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Ice Ice Baby:
Rebuilding Local Communities

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Impact Highlights:

Supplied over 60% of the fish eaten in rural areas in Sierra Leone (fish makes up 80% of the protein intake in the country)

Facilitated payment of health care workers during the West African Ebola outbreak

Provided micro-credit to a network of over 10,000 fisherwomen and traders to rebuild their livelihoods in the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak

In addition, ManoCap has founded and supports two not for profit organizations that work to drive improvements in the areas of child health (www.welbodipartnership.org) and the arts (www.freetownuncut.com) in Sierra Leone.

Both benefit from financial and operational support from ManoCap’s portfolio companies.